Online Consultation

Each and everyone of us is a unique individual: we eat different foods, exercise in different ways, and our method of handling stress is distinct to us. Our bodies also react differently to the foods we consume and in the way we metabolize food energy. All of these factors impact the appearance and condition of our skin and it is why at Bren’s Skin Care we always recommend a personalized consultation before purchasing any products.

With an online consultation Bren will work with you to create a personalized skin care regime that will achieve the best results for you. Simply register for a consultation on our website and you will be directed to an online form. Complete and submit the form to start your journey to greater confidence and better skin.

Once the consultation form has been submitted Bren will contact you to complete a personal review of your needs. Based on the consultation Bren will recommend products and a skin care plan that meet your unique circumstances and lifestyle.

You’ll also receive a coupon code redeemable for $50.00 off your next order from Bren’s Skin Care. Coupon code must be used within 7 days of receipt.

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