Eau Micellaire Biosensible (Makeup Remover)

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Product Description

Instantly captures impurities and traces of makeup, this product is excellent for helping to dissolve blackheads when used correctly.
Soothes irritated skin
Respects the physiological balance and hydrolipidic film of sensitive skins

Recommended For : Sensitive, reactive and weakened Skin Instants

How To Use :
Application: With a cotton pad in Eau Micellaire Biosensible, clean the entire face and cleavage. Repeat until all impurities and make-up have been completely removed.  Option–can be mixed with your cleanser for easier removal.  When using with sensitive skin, apply all over face and gently massage all over skin.  Apply your appropriate cleanser over top, massage into skin and remove.

Product Ingredients :
Derivative of Apple Juice, Herero polysaccharides and peptides derived from plants

Soothing active ingredients: Extract of Rhamnose, Complex of amnoacids

Moisturizing active ingredients: Hyaluronic Acid and Rhizobium Complex, Plant-based polysaccharide

Toning active ingredients: Essential Oil of Peppermint, Essential oil of Grapefruit

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