Serum Biosensible


Reinforces and restructures the epidermis

Reduces cutaneous sensitivity

Soothes and rebalances the the epidermis

Calms tightness, Provides a sensation of comfort.

With its formula containing 12 active ingredients, Serum Biosensible helps restructure and soothe the skin tissue.  From the first application, cutaneous redness diminishes and it provides a genuine sensation of relief and comfort.


Soothing platform:  Polysaccharides Rich in Rhamnose, Kudzu Extract, Lipopetides, Witch Hazel Extract.

Protecting, antioxidant platform:  Mimosa Extract, Cranberry Extract, Turmeric Extract, White Tea Extract, Eastern Hemlock Extract.

Restructuring/hydroscopic platform:  Kiwi Fruit Water, Hyaluronic Acid and Hydrating Sugar Derivatives.


How to Use:  On a clean skin, apply before the recommended cream two or three times per week, 4-5 drops of serum to the entire face, neck and decollete, morning and/or evening using light upward effleurages.

Intensive treatment:  Apply twice a day, morning and evening for the full duration of an epidermal renewal cycle (28 days)          Maintenance Care:  Apply twice a week, morning and/or evening, according to the progress noticed on desensitization.

Product size is 15 ml/0.5 oz