Serum PIGM 400


Serum PIGM 400

“Helps prevent and reduces the appearance of existing dark spots!” Brightening, spot-correcting serum that illuminates the complexion and fights free radicals. Recommended for discolored and dull Skin. PARABEN FREE.

For sun damaged skin. Prevents sun damage from worsening and makes existing sun damage lighter and less visible. Always use sunscreen.
Serum PIGM 400 was developed for discolored and dull skin instances.

Helps to prevent and reduce the appearance of existing dark spots. This serum is developed to work with Biologique Recherche Creme PIGM 400 for optimal results.
Both products unify and illuminate complexion.
Prevents and reduces the appearance of existing dark spots.

  • Unifies, reduces irregularities and illuminates the complexion.
  • Antioxidant action: helps fighting cell ageing

When used with Lotion P50 PIGM 400, the results are absolutely amazing!

Recommended For : Discolored and dull Skin Instants.  Sun spots/pigmentation

How To Use : Either to the entire face to illuminate the complexion, or topically to the skin spots (face, forearms, chest and hands). Delicately massage the areas with your hands so that the product penetrates. Protect the skin from the sun while using the product.

Product Ingredients : Whitening & Brightening: Watercress Sprout Extract and Soy-based |Pure Genistein, Chromanyl Palmitate-based Synthetic Peptide, Plum Pulp extract, Biomimetic Peptide, Sea Lily Extract, Wakame (Seaweed) Extract
Protective: Anti-ROS and anti-RNS Antioxidant, Wasabi Extract

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Weight 1.0 oz