Serum PIGM 400

Product Description

Prevents and reduces the appearance of existing dark spots.

Prevents/limits new spots apparation.  Unifies, reduces irregularities and illuminates the complexion.   Antioxidant action:  helps fighting cell ageing.   Thanks to its 6 concentrated active ingredients, Serum PIGM 400 brightens the skin. This face care acts on 4 stages of the melanogenesis and melaosome regulaton (controls size, number, maturation and migration)  Double control of the lipofuscin accumulaton that causes dark spots.  A protection against free radicals that slows the ageing of the skin.  A dual action thanks to a combination of lightening and protective active ingredients.  An effective treatment that is gentle on the epidermis.  A formula boosted with brightening active ingredients, twice as concentrated as the cream, and an enhanced efficiency in inhibiting melanin synthesis.  Using a combination of Creme PIGM 400 and Serum PIGM 400 visibly brightens dark spots and gives a better complexion.

Recommended for:  Discolored and dull Skin Instants

Ingredients:  Watercress Sprout Extract and Soy-based Pure Genistein, Chromanyl Palmitate-based Synthetic Peptide, Plum Pulp extract Biomimetic Peptide, Sea Liy Extract, Sea Fern Extract

Protective active ingredients:  Anti-ROS and anti-RNS Antioxidant, Wasabi Extract

How to Use:  After using your Milk and your Lotion P50 PIGM400, and before using Creme PIGM 400 apply Serum PIGM 400 morning and/or evening, either to the entire face to illuminate the complexion, or topically to the skin spots.  Delicately massage the areas with your hands so that the product penetrates.  Protect the skin from the sun while using this product with a SPF.

Product comes in a 1 oz size