Serum T.E.W.L.

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Helps Restores cutaneous barrier
Creates a protective film that helps maintain lipids on the skin’s surface and throughout the extracellular environment (cement surrounding the epidermal cells)
Reverses the skin’s deficiency in fats
Procures a sensation of comfort immediately after application and throughout the day
Protects the skin against extreme cold and low air moisture conditions
A genuine lipid shield
Extremely active treatment, it revitalizes and regenerates the skin

This is one of our most versitile serums for drier skin types.

A serum to compensate for lipid deficiencies.  An extremely active treatment, it revitalises and regenerates the skin.  It is ideal for eliminating sensations of tightness and attenuating the appearance of fine lines associated with the skin’s superficial dehydration. A genuine lipidic shield.

Recommended For : Lpid-deficient and dehydrated Skin Instants

How To Use : This Serum can be applied as a treatment serum before moisturizer, mixed with your moisturizer or as a finishing serum after your moisturizer.

Product Ingredients :
Lipidic actives: Phytosterois, Cholesterol Sulphate, Mink Fat
Protective actives: Sea Buckhorn Berry and Seed Oil Extract, Barbary Fig Extract, and Jojoba Oil, Sesame Oil
Repairing: Raspberry Seed Oil Extract, Cranberry Oil

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