Solution Demaquillante Pour Les Yeux

Product Description

Eliminates impurities and make-up (even waterproof) gently and thoroughly
Respects the delicate eye area
Leaves no greasy film on skin
Smoothes softens and tightens theskin around the eyes

Recommended For : All Skin Instants, even the most Sensitive

How To Use : Lightly saturate cotton pad with Biologique Recherche Lotion Demaquillante pour les Yeux. Press lightly onto eye area for a minute to break down makeup. Swipe gently from outer corner to inner to remove eye makeup. Always shake bottle before use

Product Ingredients : Biologique Recherche Lotion Demaquillante pour les Yeux Active ingredients yeast extract, sage extract, witch hazel extract, camomile extract

Additional information

Weight 4.0 oz