Serum Elastine Marine
Biologique Recherche

Serum Elastine Marine

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0.3 oz / 8ml

Hydrates the skin to balance the loss of elasticity. Helps prevent the formation of wrinkles and fine lines. Smooths and helps reduce surface imperfections. Biologique Recherche’s moisturizing serum is ideal for many different skin types, including combination skin. With regular application, you’ll notice reduced imperfections and signs of aging, as well as increased tone and elasticity for a complexion that is even, perfectly hydrated, and glowing.

Recommended For

All Skin Instants 30 and under. Ideal for the eye and mouth area, expression wrinkles and for use at the first signs of aging.

How To Use

Deposit a few drops of Biologique Serum Elastine Marine in the hollow of your hand. Penetrate into skin by light massage over face, neck, and decollete morning and evening before moisturizer. This serum can be used over the eye contour area before applying Creme Contour Yeux et Levres Biofixine or Creme Contour des Yeux VIP O2.

Product Ingredients

Elastin Marine Protein Extract

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