Trinity Pro Facial Toning Device

Trinity Pro Facial Toning Device

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The Trinity Advanced Facial Toning Device gently stimulates the larger surface areas of the face, and was clinically-tested for improved facial contour, skin tone and wrinkle reduction in as little as five minutes a day.

What's Included

  • NuFACE Trinity Device (400 microamps)
  • NuFACE Trinity Pro Facial Trainer (Microcurrent Attachment)
  • NuFACE Gel Primer
  • Charging Cradle and Power Adaptor
  • User Manual and Quickstart Guide

How to Use

  • Prep: Cleanse skin and apply the NuFACE primer
  • Lift: Glide the NuFACE Trinity Device over face as directed
  • Finish: Remove the NuFACE primer with a damp cloth
Click here to view a video about the Trinity Advanced Facial Toning Device.

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