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Biologique Recherche is a French biological skincare line with over 30 years experience in developing the most powerful and effective skincare products in the beauty industry. With a clinical approach to skincare using intentionally pure, concentrated, raw, 50% or more active ingredients, Biologique Recherche is truly a unique and rare luxury skincare line without the frills. Discover the beloved products of famed French women and bring the secrets of Ambassade de la Beaute on Champs Elysees 32 to your home.

We ship Biologique Recherche Canada wide and provide our products exclusively for Canadian customers, with free shipping for purchases over 150$ before taxes. Contact Bren today for more information!

More about Biologique Recherche

Created nearly 50 years ago, Biologique Recherche has become the embodiment of skincare perfection worldwide. Founded by Yvan and Jousette Allouche in the 1970’s, the company continues to this day under the guidance of their son Dr. Phillip Allouche. Biologique Recherche has proven itself to be the quintessential skincare brand producing high quality products grounded in the company’s extensive experience and the passion of its founding family.

Originally functioning as a research and development lab BR was tasked with developing products for dermal professionals unhappy with the results they could achieve from existing products of the day. BR has since become the world leader in cosmetic treatments using active ingredients, concentrated formulas and copy righted concepts such as Skin Instants to create some of the most coveted products in the skincare industry.

One of the most effective and sought-after products created by BR is the P50 range of lotions, also known as the Hermes of skincare, Jesus in a bottle, and the holy grail. Developed as a chemical exfoliating toner, P50 is designed to balance one’s skin and complexion, fade hyperpigmentation, clear acne, shrink pores, and prepare the skin for subsequent product application. P50 lotion has justifiably created a cult type following of users of the product, and literally has become the foundation of the entire BR line of products. The P50 product is available in 2 formulations in Canada:

P50T: An exfoliating and balancing lotion developed for the face, P50T is vitamin enriched and gently purifies the skin while regulating excess surface oil. The lotion is also designed to mattify, hydrate, and maintain the acid/pH balance of the skin.

P50PIGM400: This vitamin enriched exfoliating lotion gently purifies, hydrates and brightens skin, while fading the appearance of pigmentation spots by regulating melanin synthesis.