A La Carte Facial Treatments

Any of the listed treatments can be added to our Luxury Facial or Advanced Technical Treatments in order to achieve even healthier and more vibrant skin.

Revitapen Infusion

Revitapen offers immediate and long term results with a noninvasive device, designed to enhance product absorption by driving active ingredients deep into the skin.

Actions: Minimizes pores | Improves skin firmness and elasticity | Reduces blemishes and hyperpigmentation | Evens skin complexion and increases hydration

Recommended for: Ideal for all skin types and concerns

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Second Peau

A genuine alternative to fillers, this exceptional anti-aging treatment visibly lifts and treats skin using an electrospun mask with 80% pharmaceutical grade hyaluronic acid nanofibers

Actions: Increases skin cohesion, firmness, density | Softens signs of aging | Accelerates cellular renewal | Brightens complexion and plumps facial features

Recommended for: Suitable for most skin types, especially mature and tired skin. Ideal for brides the day before their wedding to achieve radiant glowing skin.

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Biologique Masque Feerie

An intense treatment loaded with marine collagen to instantly plump, tense, tone and revitalize your skin.

Actions: Hydrates top layers of skin | Refreshes, cools and soothes skin | Brightens complexion

Recommended for: All skin types

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Masque Collagene Caviar

A sublimating mask composed of caviar and freeze-dried collagen, this soothing formula helps to reduce redness and leaves skin feeling refreshed.

Actions: Hydrates | Softens fine lines and wrinkles | Stimulates epidermal exchanges and renewal of skin | Soothes the skin and reduces redness

Recommended for: Devitalized, dehydrated and less toned skin.

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Soin Biovecteur Marin

Using dehydrated woven sheets of Japanese Red Laminaria algae, rich in marine oligo elements, iron and vitamins, this treatment redefines the oval of the face and reenergizes your skin.

Actions: Tones and energizes skin | Smooths deep wrinkles

Recommended for: Most skin types, especially for devitalized, wrinkled and tired, dull skin

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Medical Grade Hyaluronic Acid with growth factors

This anti-aging solution is designed to enrich the skin with an active complex of therapeutic growth factors, which work in synergy with hyaluronic acid to promote wound healing, increase cell motility, and stimulate dermal fibroblasts to regenerate new collagen and elastin fibers.

Actions: Intense hydration | Healing benefits | Stimulates collagen and elastin

Recommended for: All Skin types, especially for dull, aging skins

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Medical Grade Hyaluronic Acid and Vitamin C

An antioxidant solution which offers effective photo-protection and skin brightening benefits. The combination of hyaluronic acid with Vitamin C features a strong antioxidant effect that helps to prevent damage caused by free radicals. Vitamin C is also a strong anti-melanogenic, working to inhibit overproduction of melanin and lighten pigmentation.

Actions: Protects skin from photo damage | Brightens pigmentation spots | Boosts collagen synthesis | Reduces inflammation | Enriches skin with antioxidants

Recommended for: All skin types | Skin which require brightening and softening of pigmentation

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Medical Grade Acne Treatment Serum with Hyaluronic Acid and Acne Complex

Specifically formulated to prevent skin infestation of P. Acnes bacteria and to alleviate skin irritation, inflammation and pigmentation associated with acne breakouts.

Actions: Mattifies oily skin | Heals blemishes | Reduces inflammation & irritation | Inhibits P. acnes bacterial growth | Lightens pigmented lesions

Recommended for: Acne and blemish prone skin

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Ultrasonic sound waves help to increase active ingredient absorption into the skin, allowing for a more even distribution of product, resulting in a more healthy, radiant complexion.

Actions: Moisturizing | Tightening pores | Reducing puffiness

Recommended for: All skin types

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