Emulsion Gel Biosensible
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Emulsion Gel Biosensible

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 Emulsion Gel Biosensible, a specially formulated cream designed for sensitive skin. This incredibly soothing formula is recommended for those with dehydrated, stressed, and sensitive skin types, providing immediate relief and hydration. Please note that it is not suitable for oily skin.

Emulsion Gel Biosensible calms and alleviates skin discomfort, thanks to its soothing and hydrating active ingredients. This gel is ideal for fragile or weakened skin, restoring radiance and promoting a healthy complexion.

Serums Recommended with Emulsion Gel Biosensible:  Serum Amniotique, Serum Biosensible/Serum Erythros.  


Recommended For

Ideal for sensitive and dehydrated Skin Instants suitable for use after medical intervention or plastic surgery not recommended for Skin Instants with seborrheic tendencies.

How to Use

After cleansing with Biologique milk and applying P50T, apply your serum morning and evening.


Active ingredients include: Hyaluronic Acid, Natural Moisturizing Factors, Royal Jelly Extract, Silk Extract, Carvone Essence, Squash and Kudzu Extracts, Lactokine, Milk Proteins

1.7 fl. oz. / 50ml

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