Biomagic Mask
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Biomagic Mask

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Introducing the Biomagic Mask, a rejuvenating treatment meticulously crafted to cleanse, firm, and illuminate the complexion, ideal for those special moments. With its rapid lifting and toning capabilities, your skin undergoes a youthful transformation, radiating beauty within just 15-20 minutes. Dubbed the "Red Carpet Masque," Biomagic Mask not only lifts and tones but also purifies the epidermis, minimizes pores, and regulates sebum production. Its detoxifying prowess makes it a go-to solution for oily skin prone to enlarged pores and lacking firmness. Post-application, revel in supple, tightened, and deeply cleansed skin, ensuring a radiant appearance before any significant occasion.

This invigorating mask features a delicate fusion of minerals, unifying and brightening the skin while purifying it thoroughly. Especially recommended for revitalizing and toning devitalized or less resilient skin, Biomagic Mask leaves behind a soft, luminous, and rejuvenated complexion.

The Biologique Recherche Biomagic Mask instantly lifts, tones and brightens the skin.

The sumptuous formula is packed full of white clay to purify and mattify whilst corn oil regenerates and softens.

Your skin is left taught, plump and glowing.

Recommended For

Seborrheic, and/or less Toned Skin Instants with Open Pores

How To Use

Cleanse your face with your Biologique Recherche Cleansing milk, use your P50T/Lotion P50 PIGM 400.  Next apply Recherche Bio Magic Mask which is an energizing face mask formulated with a subtle combination of mineral and anti-aging ingredients. It leaves the skin glowing, soft and purified and is recommended for devitalized and/or less toned skin. Leave on 20 mins, moisten mask with a clean wash cloth and then wash off.

For oily/acne skin types apply Serum Placenta, Serum Tissulaires (hydration) and spot treat with Serum Iribiol.

For anti-aging skins types use Serum A-Glyca, Serum Matriciel Visage and Serum Elastine Authentique.  Apply appropriate Biologique Recherche cream.

Popular Finishing Serums

Serum VIP 02 (oilier skins) Serum Yall 02/Serum Le Grand, and Serum Silk Plus.

Product Ingredients

Biologique Recherche Bio Magic Mask Active ingredients include: corn extract, wheat germ, plankton extract and white clay.

100 ml

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