Creme ISO-Placenta
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Creme ISO-Placenta

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Crème ISO Placenta targets acne-prone skin with precision, stimulating cell renewal to repair the epidermis damaged by acne. By harnessing biomimicry to emulate human placenta properties, it delivers essential nutrients to the skin, facilitating its recovery process. As the skin's barrier is restored, it reverts to a healthy state, appearing replenished and rejuvenated. Notably, acne scars are addressed, with improved microrelief and reduced redness, leaving the skin smoother, calmer, and more comfortable. The complexion gains uniformity, radiance, and vitality. T

he formulation has evolved by replacing animal-derived placenta with a biomimetic alternative and refining the cream's texture. Previously, high concentrations of yeast and fatty acids aimed to replicate natural sebum, but led to separation issues. Enhanced emulsifiers and hydrators have been introduced to mitigate this concern. The biomimetic placenta contains five essential growth factors akin to human placenta, operating through biomimicry to nurture skin growth, regeneration, and healing. It stimulates fibroblasts, fostering elastin and collagen synthesis, thus enhancing skin suppleness, elasticity, and moisture retention, potentially reducing wrinkles and fine lines.

ISO Placenta Cream works amazing with Serum ISO Placenta Serum.

What is biomimicry?

It’s the design and production of materials, structures, and systems that are modeled on biological entities and processes.

Skin Instant

Seborrheic with Traces of Acne


  • Reduces the traces left by acne
  • Smooths the skin’s microrelief
  • Reduces redness caused by acne
  • Smooths skin texture
  • Repairs, regenerates and revitalizes the skin
  • Unifies and brightens the complexion

Efficacy Testing

Below are results from BR’s efficacy test. Test conducted on 21 volunteers aged 19 to 43 with old traces of acne. Clinical scoring was performed after applying the product twice daily for 56 days.

  • Redness of traces (-11.6%)
  • Visibility of traces (-14.1%)
  • Density of traces (-13.3%)
  • Smooth appearance of the skin texture (+41.8%)

Active Ingredients

  • Biomimetic Placenta: regenerates and promotes healing
  • Maracuja Oil: heals damaged skin and repair skin tissue
  • Yeast Extracts: rich in Vitamin B, helps to heal and re-balance

1.7 oz / 50 ml

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