Creme Masque Vernix
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Creme Masque Vernix

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Creme Masque Vernix provides a transformative experience for your skin, emulating the natural composition of a newborn's vernix. It respects and supports the skin, aiding in the restoration of its original structure. This innovative formula visibly hydrates and shields the skin from external stressors, boasting remarkable soothing properties along with a rich blend of lipids and proteins. Enriched with active ingredients known for their lipid, protein, and antioxidant peptide content, it harnesses the healing prowess of vernix, a sebaceous substance, to balance skin pH and combat bacterial growth, offering a comprehensive approach to skin revitalization. This versatile 2-in-1 product rejuvenates and fortifies compromised or stressed epidermis, providing it with a "second birth" whether used as a mask or cream for intensive care.  Crème Masque Vernix's,  hydrating, reparative, and protective qualities reduce water loss, repair UV-damaged skin cell DNA, and diminish signs of aging, ensuring optimal skin health.

Reduces transepidermal water loss; raises skin hydration threshold by 15%.

Recommended For

Deficient and/or stressed Skin Instants

How to Use

After using the milk and P50T advised, apply a thin layer a small amount of Cream Mask Vernix morning and / or evening to the entire face. For an action-type mask, apply this product in a thick layer. Leave on for ten minutes and then gently remove excess product with a moistened cotton. Or as many do, use as a moisturizer am and pm, feels absolutely divine.

Products we recommend using with Creme Vernix are:

Cleanser: Lait EV/Lait VIP 02, and Eau Micellaire Biosensible

Exfolialnt: Lotion P50T/P50PIGM 400

Serums: Serum 3R, Serum Colostrum, Serum Elastine Authentique

Finishing Serums: Serum La Grande, Serum VIP 02 and Serum Yall 02

Serum de Teint for that fabulous finishing glow.


Cell Ooligopeptides, Soya Lecithin, Complex of Ceramides and Omega 6&3 from Raspberry Oil, Luffa Oil, Cermide Complex, Plant-based Squalane, Lanolin, Cholestrol Sulfate, Placenta Extract, Carob Seed Extract, Yeast Extract, Tripeptide Extract.

1.7 fl. oz. / 50ml

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