Creme Verte Espoir A.R.
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Creme Verte Espoir A.R.

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A soothing facial cream specially designed to address facial redness, Creme Espoir AR effectively prevents and diminishes the signs of rosacea. This innovative formula targets broken capillaries, visibly minimizing their appearance to alleviate both the frequency and intensity of chronic redness. Additionally, it calms the sensitive skin reactions responsible for sporadic red patches, providing instant relief to fragile and reactive skin. With each application, the complexion appears more balanced and uniform, promoting a sense of comfort and confidence.

Product Recommendations:

Cleanser Lait Dermo S

ExfoliatorLotion P50 PIGM 400  (use according to Bren's Instruction)

Serums:  Serum Amniotique, Serum Biosensible, Serum Erythros

Recommended for Skin Instants© with erythro-rosacea.

1.7 fl. oz. / 50ml

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