Lait E.V.
Lait E.V.
Biologique Recherche

Lait E.V.

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Cleansing Milk Lait E.V. wash for the face features a unique formulation of fortifying vitamins and all-natural botanical extracts. Nourishing fatty acids, squalane, cellular extract, Vitamin E, and essential oils are used in this milk face wash to gently remove makeup and skin impurities, all while still retaining skin’s natural moisture. This was Madame Allouche's favorite cleanser.  

The powerful vitamin E antioxidant will help the penetration of other compounds into the skin and will maintain the comfort levels of your skin while vitamin F will help form a stronger lipid barrier to resist to external aggressions. More than just a cleanser, this cleansing milk prepares devitalized skins for regenerating treatment and provides nourishment.

Always apply Lotion P50T/P50 PIGM 400, Serum AmniotiqueSerum A-Glyca, Serum Elastine Amniotique, Masque Biosensible mixed with Serum Amniotique /Masque VIP 02/or mix 1/2 and 1/2 with Masque Vivant for a anti-aging/brightening mask, Biologique Recherche moisturizer of choice, and finishing serum Serum Complexe Royal, Silk Plus, Fluid VIP O2, Serum Yall O2, Serum Le Grand and finish with Serum de Teint.

Recommended For

Dehydrated, Devitalized Skin Instants.

How to Use

Apply Biologique Recherche Lait E.V. cleanser with fingers to face, neck, and decollete, using light circular movements to emulsify oil and makeup. Remove cleanser with warm wet washcloth. Repeat steps to complete a second cleansing.


Active ingredients include: essential fatty acids, squalane, cellular extract and essential oils and vitamin E.

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