Serum Amniotique VG
Serum Amniotique VG
Biologique Recherche

Serum Amniotique VG

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The go-to serum for many, Serum Amniotique  VG is the most popular quintessential serum in Biologique Recherche’s line.  Formulated to provide hydration, this unique serum goes a step further and soothes skin to provide ultimate comfort.  It is recommended for all skin types, even those that tend be extremely sensitive. Sérum Amniotique  VG intensely hydrating the second level of hydration serum and is a must-have for all dehydrated skin types, from sensitive to sensitized to oily tendency. With cellular extracts of amniotic fluid and embryo extract, this highly concentrated serum will leave the upper layers of the epidermis feeling intensely hydrated, smooth and relieved of tightness.  Ideal for people who fly a lot or exposed to extremely dry weather.

This anti-aging serum, repairs, regenerates and protects your skin.  Your skin is smoother and looks younger. An SOS serum for very sensitive skins. Works great when combined with Serum Erythrosfor sensitive skins. Amniotique serum is an incomparable source of moisture which helps maintain the skin’s water level at the maximum. Its hydro-fixing active ingredients help the cells capture water and store it in the upper layers of the skin, which neutralizes the effects of skin dryness for a long-lasting action. The skin’s water balance is optimal, ensuring unparalleled comfort.

Recommended For

All Skin Instants. Ideal for stressed, devitalized, dehydrated and/or sensitive Skin Instants.

How to Use

Gently pat all over face, neck and decollete until serum is absorbed.

Products we recommend to use with Serum Amniotique are:

Cleansers: Lait EV, Lait VIP 02, and Eau Micellaire Biosensible

Exfoliant: P50T/P50 PIGM 400

Serums: Serum 3R, Serum Collagen Natif, Serum A-Glyca.

Biologique Recherche moisturizer of choice.

Finishing Serums: Serum Yall 02, Fluid VIP 02, and Silk Plus

Serum de Teint to finish off with a fabulous glow.


Cellular Oligopeptide

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