Creme ADN Metamorphique
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Creme ADN Metamorphique

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Creme ADN Metamorphique is an exceptional firming treatment that addresses sagging skin and facial contouring. It effectively redefines and rebalances natural contours, resulting in a more harmonious volume. This intense firming care is designed for individuals with mature, dry skin, deep lines, and reduced elasticity.

The treatment works by restructuring the skin's support cells, thereby refining the facial contour. Over time, as the face loses tone and structure, Crème Métamorphique helps tone and revitalize the skin tissue while promoting a radiant complexion.

Key features include firming, restructuring, and tightening properties. Through its tightening action, it creates a noticeable "lifting effect," restoring skin elasticity and firmness. The skin appears visibly tighter, plumped up, and protected from signs of aging thanks to its protective active ingredients.

Recommended for Sagging Skin Instants that lack structure and tone.

 Instructions for use:

1. Apply every morning and/or evening to a cleaned skin. Gently massage the face, neck, and décolleté until complete absorption.


  • Firming platform: Rye extract, Goji bery extract, Shrubby Everlasting extract
  • Anti-gravity platform: Plantain seed extract, Peony extract
  • Tensor platform: Cassava extract, Marine Expolysaccharide from the Iroise Sea
  • DNA protective platform: Antioxydant Tripeptide, Smithsonite extract
Size:  50 ml

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