Serum Collagène Originel
Biologique Recherche

Serum Collagène Originel

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Serum Collagène Originel is a groundbreaking innovation born out of extensive scientific research. It targets all four primary types of collagen to effectively redensify the skin in three dimensions. Through a unique blend of four active ingredients, it stimulates the synthesis of both type I and type III collagen, which are predominant in the skin, along with types IV and VII to enhance the appearance of the dermal-epidermal junction. This action leads to a noticeable reduction in wrinkle length. This serum is a pioneer in the realm of cosmetics, featuring Type-0 Collagen at its core, a patented Biologique Recherche active ingredient. Termed "type 0," this collagen serves as the progenitor of all collagen types and exhibits specific affinities with various collagen types. It plays a crucial role in enhancing collagen VII production, thereby fostering exchanges between the dermis and epidermis, which naturally diminish with age.

Recommended for Skin Instants with settled wrinkles.


1. Apply 4-5 drops to the entire face, neck and décolleté area

2. Massage in with upward strokes until the product is completely absorbed


Avoid contact with eyes. Keep in a cool place after opening. For external use only.



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