Skin Care Products for Men

Everyone can improve their skin regardless of whether you have been fighting acne and ingrown hairs for years, or noticing the first signs of wrinkles. One’s appearance is important, it improves personal confidence while allowing people to feel better about themselves.

At Bren’s Skin Care it is our mission to provide you with the information and products you need to get on the right track with your skin. We start our process with a skin consultation which allows us to recommend the best products and treatment for your skin. We will build a skin care program based on a daily routine that is easy and simple to follow.

Some of the most effective products for men’s skin include:

Lait U

This cleanser is excellent for men, a light emulsion that is excellent for oily, combination, sensitive or even dry skin instants.  It will cleanse your skin without causing dehydration or an oily film, while respecting the foundation of your skin.

Lait VIP O2

This is a excellent anti-pollution cleansing milk, with oxygenating properties that makes your skin breathe.  A gentle cleanser that calms, rebalances and soothes stressed skin.  This cleanser is ideal for travellers.

Luna Mini 2 

This cleansing brush only takes 2 minutes twice per day to get skin that looks smooth, refreshed and toned.  It unclogs pores and removes 99.5% of dirt and oil.  Removes blemish causing impurities for clearer skin.  Helps clear away dead skin cells to enhance the absorption of skincare products.  Refines the skin.  The Mini Luna 2 holds a charge for 5 months.  Just rinse under tap to clean.

P50T (Exfoliation)

This product is amazing for men. P50T stimulates cell renewal as well as hydration of the top layer of skin which helps to purify and regulate the skin. It eliminates dead skin daily without irritation.  P50T gets rid of buildup that traps debris, dirt and oil under the skin and helps eliminate irritation caused by ingrown hairs by keeping the follicles clear of dead skin.  For healthier clear skin this product will produce results


Depending on your skin and what we need to address we will prescribe a serum. A few that are popular are the following:

Serum Amniotique E.

This serum will help to hydrate the top layers of your skin.  It soothes and unifies the complexion.  Excellent for dehydrated, irritated, and red skin. This Serum is excellent for anti-aging, repairing, regenerating and protecting your skin.

Serum Placenta

Placenta serum is a repairing serum.  It helps to remove skin imperfections and lighten marks left after acne.  Helps prevent first signs of aging.

Serum A-Glyca

Thanks to Serum A-Glyca, the glycation reaction can be prevented and counter acted with a gain of 2 years of glycation in 2 months of use.  It will reduce wrinkles and improve the evenness of the skin.  The dermis becomes firmer and brighter.

Eye Creams

Creme Contour des Yeux VIP O2

This cream helps to improve elasticity, softens wrinkles and fine lines.  Helps to prevent signs of aging, brightens, tones and hydrates skin around eye area.  Helps to reduce dark circles and puffiness around eye area.

Creme Contour Yeux et Levres Biofixine

This cream is excellent for smoothing, relaxing and reducing wrinkles around the eyes and lips.  Revitalizes, restores hydration, lifts, tones and increases elasticity.  Great anti-oxidant properties.


Through the consultation process we will be able to prescribe a cream that will help your skin.

Creme Amnios

A very light, matifying, anti-aging cream.  Helps repair brighten and moisturize your skin.  Excellent for oily skin.

Gel ADN Silkgen

A light, transparent, non-oily texture that is rapidly absorbed.  Intensely hydrating, soothing, softening and firming to the skin.

Creme ISO-Placenta

Regenerates the skin and provides nourishment. It helps to reduce pigment imperfections and as such this cream is an excellent repairing cream.

Creme Dermopurifante

Is a gentle purifying cream that doesn’t dry out the skin. It is comprised of 20 concentrated active ingredients targeting the main causes and consequences of oily skin.  Contains excellent anti-inflammatory ingredients.

Creme Verte Espoir A.R.

A soothing cream that calms and helps reduce redness.  Revitalizes and hydrates top layers of the skin.  Nourishing providing genuine comfort to your skin.  With the addition of yeast this products is very good at reducing inflammation and redness in the skin.

With all purchases we give detailed instructions on how to use your products and our contact info in case you have questions. We will keep your regime simple and easy to follow.

Your skincare routine should be done twice daily and it will help to give you a better complexion.

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